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ATC : Fundamentals of Creativity 

Week 3 : Daily Expression of Art

Living into the expression of what we want to create...

  Daily living as an artist involves doing creative practices. These include daily pages, automatic drawing technique, Latihan (moving in the unknown) and other forms of practicing NOT thinking, and letting yourself be led to creating instead. This is why so often artists practice stepping away from a project, moving around, walking, or otherwise putting their attention elsewhere; as a way to penetrate obstacles in creativity, and re-igniting creative flow.

  We all have ideas about art work to put out into the world. What makes a work of art special and what the audience wants; is to be moved emotionally. The last two weeks of practices have helped dispel filters of fear that confuse what we see/feel, and have helped anchor in to what the emotional seed of each project is.

  This week we will look at and learn practices that help us get into the flow of the moment. They will help develop the skill of tapping into the creative, “randomness” of the moment that then opens up creative and unique ways to express/transmit those ideas through your chosen medium. It’s exercising this skill that makes it possible to add a level of vibrancy to the work WHILE you create it. This skill is about CREATING, being innovative and fresh in the work we create. This helps us avoid the pitfalls of creating work that’s trying too hard, or is contrived.

Here are some questions to ask yourself that will help you incorporate these practices into your life...

What are you doing in a, 'No-thinking' kinda way? 

Dancing, twirling, morning pages, automatic drawing, free flow writing, flow practices? Is there anything you do that is not related to your art; that has you think less and feel more?

Grab paper and pen, and write these answers out. This will help you commit to them, and later on, adjust them as you learn their impact

How OFTEN are you doing these practices? Daily/weekly/monthly/yearly

What frequency would have the practices have the impact on your creativity that you want them to have? How much more often do you think you would have to do these practices?

How effective is this frequency?

How feasible is it to do it that often? What would you have to change about your habits, and/or daily life to fit this new frequency of practices?

Are you willing to commit to that change NOW? Why, or why not?

  If the answer is yes; go ahead and add these practices to your scheduler and/or calendar.

  Make a note of what they are in your journal, if you keep one; so you can begin to make note of any changes, or interesting things you learn about yourself as you do them over time.  

  These notes will also help in calibrating any adjustments, when it becomes appropriate to make changes. 


Remember to periodically return to this process and adjust your practices. Sometimes, during stressful, exciting times, upping the frequency might be the boost you need!

  If the answer is NO; then go ahead and do some Fear Inventory about practices. Write about what they mean to you, the impact you fear might happen, even how others might perceive you if you start these practices. One of the most common fears/hurdles that people confront is the fear of being trapped. 

  Give yourself to peel back the layers of resentment and fear to what the fundamental reason why you might be hesitating to commit. 

  After; try this exercise again, and see what the appropriate frequency is for each of the practices. 

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