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& Transformational Practices

As a coach, I help you define your desires and goals, identify limitations that keep you from reaching your dreams, and help you develop the strategies to achieve those goals. Sometimes, we come to transitional life moments without the support we need to figure out what's next... Yet we have a belief that we should already know how to make that happen. More often than not we are doing just fine where we are but we need a little more of something to make our life brighter. 

Through working with me, I provide you the tools you need to move forward consistently into the life you want… and beyond. I guide you through what its like to slow down and gain awareness of who you are, what you want, and we identify the resources you have at your disposal, now. Through one-on-one coaching or the coaching circle, you will get an insight into what patterns have led to your life being where it is now and integrating new practices that help you move forward. Changing the behaviors that got us here now, is how we get to where we want to be; learning to adapt new behaviors. 

Getting in touch with that deep joy, love of life, and desire within yourself will begin the process of getting everything that you want. Harnessing that energy into creative energy; be it art, or creating a new future for yourself. And how to make it all into a practice, into a new way of being; so it can be long term, sustainable change for the life you truly want. 

With 15 years of coaching using embodiment techniques, NLP, desire-based coaching, bi-lateral brain stimulation, and tantric emotional release, I've helped individuals, couples, and groups on their journey of growth and change. 

I derive my teachings from wisdom traditions, Jungian Psychology, the Socratic Process, Orgasmic Meditation, and neuroscientific research. 


  • Relationships

  • Flow States

  • Devotion to Purpose

  • Artistic/Creative Blocks

  • Repurposing Detrimental Behaviors

  • Men/Women Dynamics

  • Addiction

  • Sexual development


My typical package includes up to 6 months of one-on-one coaching in bi-weekly sessions.  This is long enough to integrate sustainable practices and see meaningful results, yet is a short enough commitment to say yes to! 

The Coaching Circle is a three month cycle, where you will have the experience of being supported by a cohort of people working on a similar challenges. 

Discovery Session - we will start by excavating your desires and blocks. This is a chance for you to ask questions and clarify your intentions in working with me. 

Simple Contract - If we are a fit, then we will sign a digital contract outlining our time together and start working right away!

Coaching Sessions By Phone/Video/in person - We will spend up to an hour twice a month working through blocks, setting goals, refining practices, and digesting any changes. I'm also available for limited emergency calls of up to 10 mins. 

Unlimited Text & Email Support - It is important to stay connected in between sessions as things start to change. I offer unlimited text support to help you move through it!

One-on-One Coaching


One-on-One Coaching includes:

  • 2 sessions/month for 3-6 months

  • Unlimited text & email support

  • Short 5-10 minute emergency calls

Coaching Circle​

Group coaching is a great way to play off and work with other students. Here, we have the opportunity to grow together and to use each other as support both on an emotional and limbic level. The help we get from the group experience is often what we need to face obstacles that may be more challenging to be alone with.  The Coaching Circle is also a viable alternative to individual coaching if you need a more affordable option to get the support you want. 

The coaching circle includes:

  • Four group coaching sessions 

  • Unlimited texting 

  • Short 5-10min calls for individuals

  • Group text/support thread 

Themes of the coaching circle vary with the group and timing. I offer coaching circles for artists, men, people working on relationships, and community building. 

Dating and Relationship 


 With the Tantra Institute



TI Coaching Circle.jpeg

Turn your relationship into a work of art.

Relationships are hard. That's why you want an expert to coach you through it.

  • How do you attract the right partner?

  • How do you maintain a vibrant and exciting partnership? (Intimate AND sexual)

  • What are the skills you need to succeed at relationships that are not only heart-healthy, but hot and turned on?


 In this 3 month group coaching experience, Tantra Institute Coach Rafael Martinez will help you discover the answers to these questions for you. So you can create the kind of amazing life and relationship you desire.

 Each participant will get individual attention throughout the 3 months, and you'll be able to track your progress with Rafael. You'll also learn from and support your fellow coachees as they navigate their challenges and resistences to succeed in relationship!

Contact me with any questions about rates and packages.

Please schedule an exploratory if you'd like me to reach out for an informational conversation about my services. 

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