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Week 3 : Daily Expression of Art

The Three Fold Practice:

Dictionary definition:

the condition of becoming filled or covered with a large amount of water:


Dictionary definition:

to use chemical processes in the body to turn food into 

energy, new growth, and waste products


Dictionary definition: 

to allow something to be seen that, until then, had been hidden

Flooding Practices:

 Practices that can be used to flood one's nervous system with sensation, that is then available as usable energy. 

 These practices will often leave the practitioner feeling full of energy, "Flooded" with sensation in the body. Sensations such as heat, tingling, vibration, and the feeling of movement. 

Metabolizing Practices:

 Practices that can, "Metabolize" the sensations in our body into usable energy for things we choose. 

 These practices use movement to bring our awareness to every move our body makes. Practice such as yoga and Tai Chi are perfect examples since they require constant attention to how the body moves. 

Revealing Practices:

 Practices that facilitate introspection, and bring attention to what thoughts and patterns remain after the flooding and revealing practices are done. 

 What is, "Revealed" can then be engaged and dismantled as appropriate. 

So what happens next?

Try out the three fold practice for a few weeks, and notice how it  effects you. Things to watch out for are:

 Your energy levels: Notice how energized you feel throughout the day and the quality of the energy  you feel. Does you feel smoothed out and energetic, or a little manic and jittery? 

 What's your turn around time: This is more about what happens when you are triggered by something. Like when someone says something to you that upsets you or even gets you happy/inspired. How fluid are you emotionally and mentally, and how well can you stay emotionally stable?

 How do changes in practice affect you: This is helpful to see about when you are pushing yourself too fast/hard and burning out. The opposite is also true; where the practices are not intense enough, when there isn't enough compression; then you won't be generating enough sensation/energy to create the things you wish to. 

 These things to keep an eye out for will help guide you regarding how to adjust your practices so they best serve you and your creative goals. 

Revisit your practices on a regular basis and fine tune as needed!

 Suggested: Try reflecting about your practices about every two weeks for the first year or so, until you get the hang of it. Be honest with yourself to get best results!

See you next week!!

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