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Week 2 : Desire Contract

Things to watch out for...
Tips for/about Desire Contract:
Tip re:

When filling out the contract try to let the first thought be what you put down for your first draft. 

Edit from there...

Also try and do Fear Inventory about the topic you're project is about. This often informs details as well as things that may be confronting and thus block your willingness to feel. 

Tip re:

If at any point you feel stuck or blocked; keep going back to your original description, (Or recording) of the feelings of the project. 

Then look at when/where you got stuck...

That's a good place/topic to do some fear Inventory/practices, and see what feelings/thoughts come up.

The may be good for the project!


Barbarians at the gate: A term meant to reflect a moment in time when a person is getting close to achieving their desires/goals and is met with very compelling alternatives to taking the difficult and risky choice that ultimately can fulfill their deeper desires.

Transmission: the action or process of transmitting something or the state of being transmitted. In this case the transmission of felt emotion through the medium of choice for the artist. 

Big D desire: The overall desire/project that a person has that begins them on a journey and drives them to fulfillment.

Little 'd' desires: Desires/goals that are often important and relevant to achieving the big D desire.

Once you're done...

  Remember to periodically revisit your Desire Contract to connect to the vision of your work. It's a way to stay on the course, but also a way to get the fulfillment that will keep you going and will help you to celebrate what you've already achieved!

See you next week!!

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