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Let go, step in, and thrive…

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Born in Pereira, Colombia; I've lived as an artist in New York and San Francisco since arriving to the United States as a child. I studied scientific illustration at Bronx Science High School and Art Education at City College in Harlem, as well as Fresco restoration in Lorenzo de Medici school in Florence.


Living as a global nomad, I offer my services as a life coach for artists and a relationship coach for individuals and couples. I teach the Art Transmission Course which takes an intimate cohort of artists through a three month journey of uncovering their process of creating their best work. I am also starting to work with the Tantra Institute in NYC for coaching and courses. 

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Wandering Traveler

The Art Transmission Course is a month-long class where students learn how to transmit what they feel and see through their art medium. With an initial full day class, two webinars, weekly homework, and a gallery show at the end, students learn and build new practices that help cultivate their ability to create, transmit, and excavate deeper into their vision and motivation as an artist.Then how to fully articulate that in their artistic work.

Next Class: March 25th, 2023

Coaching gives you the tools you need to move forward consistently into the life you want… and beyond. Having a coach helps to guide you through what its like to slow down and gain awareness of who you are, what you want and identifying the resources you have at your disposal. Through coaching with me, you will get an insight into what patterns have led to your life where it is now and integrating new practices that help you move forward. To where you want to be.

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“Act as if what you do makes a difference.

It does.”

William James

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