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The Art Transmission Course

Do you ever feel lost or overwhelmed as an artist? Like all the feelings and difficulties are too much, and yet somehow important to creating art? Do you ever have the feeling like you can only create when things are bad? Does it ever feel impossible to create when things are good, or after a project is finished?

The Art Transmission Course is a six week-long class where students learn how to communicate through their medium. Students learn practices that help cultivate the ability to feel and excavate, deepening their visions and motivation as an artist. This is the place to practice being an artist, so you can go out into the world and live as an artist.

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  • One day course from 10a-6p EST   (In person & distance learning.)

  • Four weekly tele-clasess over Zoom; for deepening the learning of practices and receiving additional coaching support with Rafael.

  • The chance to see other’s process and use their breakthroughs for your own growth.

  • A WhatsApp text thread for constant access to support from group members and Rafael.

  • A Gallery show to present your work, in person or over live video; as part of an Art Gallery in NYC!


In this program you will be working directly with Rafael during the initial one day class to clarify and anchor the vision of your work! Then receiving greater support on four weekly tele-classes, and as part of a small group of people. Everyone in the group is there to both grow and support each other to maintain the momentum of growth.


Students chose a project, making it their “assigned author” to then work on during the program. This helps them identify their message, their drives, and the challenges that come with bringing it to fruition. This helps to identify, and develop the practices needed to overcome each obstacle.

The purpose of this course is to learn, at every step of the way, how we as artists relate to our art, and how to adjust our lives and practices to better support ourselves! 

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